Let's get acquainted

Let's get acquainted

Our names are Nikolai and Anna, today we are the top leaders of the company.

We met Greenway in 2019 as ordinary customers. Yes, at that time we were not even close to planning to engage in network business.

First touch Greenway

First touch Greenway

I distinctly remember that our first purchase was washing fiber...and it was "a shock, unbelievable, how can this work?"
Then a fiber for glass, then a universal fiber, Laundry Eco Sheets for washing baby clothes and we fell in love :)...

Just a few weeks later, we were fired up with the desire to carry the mission of Greenway and grow in this business.

Everything depends on you

Everything depends on you

We started from scratch, with no experience in MLM and no understanding what to do.
We made a lot of mistakes, we wasted a lot of time and a couple of times we had to start all over again.
But this did not stop us from becoming top leaders and picking up our first Automoile bonus already in 2020.

Proven System

Proven System

Today, our team has more than 3,000 people in more than 15 countries around the world.
For 4 years we have developed a successful system for launching and training partners.
Our work algorithms allow beginners to earn in the first month of work.

Join our team!

Join our team!

We will be happy to share our experience with you and help you reach the result!

Well, if you just want to buy now - fill out the form and we will help you make your first purchases. See you!

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How to start

Many people think that recruiting involves a set of secret techniques and words that you just need to say in a certain sequence, and your partner is yours. But no, you need to understand a simple thing:
Recruiting is about scaling your professionalism!

To put it simply, you need to teach others what you know yourself. And if you don't know anything, you won't learn anything.

Good news. Everyone is an expert in something. Therefore, you need to start with understanding your expertise. We will call this core Business. The main secret is to determine your core, or core, around which you will build everything else. Remember one thing: do not build a project around someone else's brand. Find yourself and scale your professionalism.

recruiting formula. Any business, and especially a network one, operates within the framework of one simple formula. Here it is: XN = $

That is, we take X, repeat it N times and get $.

X is your key skill, your expertise, your core. This is what you build your project and your structure around. That is, this is your point of application of efforts.

N is the way you scale your skill. In our case, this is recruiting itself, as well as the ability to create a turnover.

What is $, I think you understand.

Many networkers focus on N. But is it necessary to explain that if X is zero, then all efforts are useless? That is, if you do not focus on your strong skills, on your expertise, then your efforts are like blows in the air.

How to find the core of a business? Yes, this is where you should start. Determine what you will focus on. Your expertise is determined by the level at which you are. So, for example, a successful networker who travels a lot and earns a million dollars can easily attract partners. It is enough just to say: "Come with me." But what about newbies? Here are a few options:

PASSION Focus on what you can do. For example, you understand beauty, personal growth, marketing, computers, healthy lifestyle, crocheting... If you are an expert in something, then you know how to gather people around you. But the key word here is "PASSION". If your eyes are on fire, then you can set others on fire.

INTEREST if the eyes do not burn? Then provide information. There must be something that interests you. So you can grow in it. Do you like to talk about what you like? So talk.

After registration, most companies offer to get acquainted with the product. Your task is to become the main consumer in your structure. If you understand the product, you can easily recommend it. And this, by the way, is the main X, which should be emphasized.

IDEA "FIX"This is the basis. It all starts with her. Many fail to start recruiting for one simple reason - they do not understand the idea of a business. They heard that there is money here and that they need to buy goods and write invitations on social networks. But this is not an idea, but some kind of nonsense ...

If the main idea of the Business of the 21st century is to encourage spending the family budget on goods that no one needs in figs, and then spam about a “unique offer” in VK, then this “ business will destroy itself. Which is exactly what we are seeing.

The idea of MLM is different. In order to use a really high-quality product as needed and create a team turnover on mutually beneficial terms, earning money on this. But this is the thesis; it is important to pass this thought through yourself.

Before you start inviting someone to the Business, recruit yourself. Deal with the idea. Don't invite anyone until now. Love the product. Learn to create a personal turnover. Understand what your expertise is, where is your business core.

Advice. Don't be too philosophical about this step. If you need a result, set yourself a time of no more than one month, after which you will feel that you are ready to start a business and you can move on to inviting partners.