Baby Care Set AQUAmagic BABY

Baby Care Set AQUAmagic BABY

Baby Care Set AQUAmagic BABY
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Baby Care Set AQUAmagic BABY (#2127)

Take good care of your child's health, cleanness, and comfort! By choosing our AQUAmagic line eco-friendly baby products, you provide your child with multi-faceted, thorough treatment and show the utmost care for your child's health.


Aquamagic BATH SET FOR BABIES includes:

  • Bib

The comfortable, soft bib will protect your baby's clothes from stains and hold up the crumbs during meals. All the stains soak into the fabric structure, and a moisture-resistant membrane between the layers will provide protection from leakage.

  • Towel

The delicate towel will quickly absorb extra moisture from the baby's face and body and gently massage them at the same time. Children will appreciate the fluffy towel’s gentle and tender feel.

  • Oral care and gum massage sponges (2 items)

These will provide effective oral care for your baby. They will also gently massage its gums, rendering teething painless. Daily use will help cultivate a love for hygiene.

  • «Suede» cloth

It is perfectly suitable for taking safe and gentle care of the baby's face and body. The soft feel of the velvety fabric will make your baby feel comfortable. The cloth quickly absorbs moisture and protects the skin from diaper rashes and chafing.

  • «Smooth» cloth

This thin cloth makes for an indispensable assistant in taking care of toys, rattles, dummies, eating utensils, etc. Thanks to its small size, it will help keep your baby accessories perfectly clean outdoors too.

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