MASTER (M) is a partner who has 4 qualified LEADER branches and it's PGV is at least 1,000 PV.

Masters receive Bonuses:

•    Personal Bonus;
•    Loyalty or Gift Bonus;
•    Mentor Bonus;
•    Sellers Poll;
•    Mentor Pool;
•    Group Bonus;
•    Leader Bonus;
•    Travel Bonus;
•    and can get Automobile bonus.

Leaders have possibility to get tranings from GrandMasters (GM) and president of Greenway Global, and also enjoy Max Masters Tour where GM are created.

Qualification levels M1, M2 and M3 are determined based the number of qualified L3 branches (branches including at least one qualification level L3 or higher) and appropriate PGV.



Master (M) is a partner who has four qualified Leader branches (4000+ PV) and his or her PGV is at least 1,000 PV.

M receives LEADER BONUS down to Tier 5 Leaders.
Estimated income: from 1.850 €

The company gives Mercedes–Benz C180 Special Edition to Masters (and higher) who continually reach qualification level.



Master of class 1 (M1) is a partner with qualification level Master who has one L3 branch and partners SGV is at least 30,000 PV.

M1 receives LEADER BONUS down to Tier 6 Leaders.

By the way, M-M1 can get also Mercedes A, CLA, GLA or GLB classes (with an additional payment by the partner for choosing a model and other equipment).



Master of class 2 (M2) is a partner with qualification level Master who has two L3 branches and his or her SGV is at least 60,000 PV.

M2 receives LEADER BONUS down to Tier 6 Leaders.

M2 are awarded by Automobile Bonus Mercedes–Benz E200 Business.




Master of class 3 (M3) is a partner with qualification level Master who has three L3 branches and his or her SGV is at least 100,000 PV.

M3 receives LEADER BONUS down to Tier 8 Leaders.

It is possible to choose GLC-class or another equipment of Mercedes (extra pay possible).




GRAND MASTERs (GM) are in the top group of qualifications in the Greenway career.

GM is absolute professionalism, high checks, presidential opportunities and royal privileges.

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