Qualification levels S1, S2, S3 and L depend on the personal group sales volume (PGV), consisting of the personal sales volume and personal group sales volume.

The number of people and the presence of teams does not matter, the main thing is the turnover.

Partnes S1-L receive Bonuses:

•    Personal Bonus;
•    Loyalty or Gift Bonus;
•    Mentor Bonus;
•    Sellers Poll;
•    Mentor Pool;
•    and get Group Bonus:



S1 qualification level partners receive:
• 6 % of the personal volume;
• 6 % of tier 1 partners' PGV without any qualification level.

Scheme: 30 person x 25PV, 15 person x 50PV, 5 person x 150PV, 3 person x 250PV and so on.
Estimated income: up to 245 €



S2 qualification level partners receive:
• 12 % of the personal volume;
• 12 % of the PGV of the tier 1 partners without any qualification level;
• 6 % of the PGV of the closest active S1 qualification level partners.

Scheme: 30 person x 50PV, 10 person x 150PV, 5 person x 300PV, 3 person x 500PV and so on.
Estimated income: up to 570 €



S3 qualification level partner receive:
• 18 % of the personal volume;
• 18 % of tier 1 partners' PGV without any qualification level;
• 12 % of the PGV of the closest active S1 and 6 % closest active S2 qualification level partners.

Scheme: 50 person x 50PV, 10 person x 250PV, 5 person x 500PV, 3 S1 + 250PV and so on.
Estimated income: up to 1.070 €



Next Qualification level is LEADER.

The LEADER L qualification is awarded to a partner who has achieved a Personal Group Volume PGV turnover in the accounting period more than 4000 PV.

Leaders recieve max 24% of GROUP Bonus, and can get TRAVEL and LEADER Bonus.

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Network business does not lose popularity, attracting thousands of people with great opportunities. However, many give up when faced with the problems of creating their own structure. Let's figure out how to correctly and effectively invite potential partners to your team?

Where to start?

Many newcomers make a fatal mistake - they try to lure everyone into the business. As a result, they receive rejection after rejection, waste time and effort, lose friends, spoil relationships with relatives and friends.

To prevent this from happening, a selective approach is needed. The basis of the development strategy of the facility should be focused only on those people who may be interested in your offer. A clear understanding of who your target audience (TA) is will help you build marketing communications correctly and attract motivated candidates to the team, using resources rationally.

Your target audience is a group of people who are most likely to want to buy your product or go into business. The target audience includes both existing distributors and potential partners that it is important to competently attract.

To begin, try to gather as much information as possible about the people who can join your organization. What gender and age is your future partner, how old is he, what he does, how he spends his free time, how much money he earns. Do not forget about the psychological aspects: character traits, values, needs and pains, desires and problems.

It is also important to understand for which positions and in what quantity you will attract people. They will be preferred buyers, active sellers or become leaders who will accelerate the development of the depth structure and help significantly increase sales.

By compiling an accurate portrait of a potential partner, you will be able to more effectively influence different segments of your target audience, set up a personalized presentation of information about your product and business, and also bring real benefits to those who really need it.