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Types of perfumery products: what are they and how do they differ?

The perfume world is so diverse and attractive that many people get lost in the rich assortment. Sometimes, when a person has decided on a fragrance, it becomes difficult to choose the concentration. You probably noticed that the same perfume composition can be released in the form of eau de toilette and eau de parfum, perfume, cologne. Today we will dot the i's and look at the variety of perfume concentrations.

"Running" categories

In perfumery, concentration refers to the percentage of aromatic substances in a solvent. Fragrances (concentrate) - a set of ingredients that make up the formula of a fragrant composition, which are added to the alcohol-containing composition. The exact content depends on the brand and can vary by tens of percent. Remember that concentration only indirectly affects durability. This is due to the fact that there are substances and essences that disappear from the skin quickly, and there are more "tenacious". But in fairness, we note: the less concentrated the aroma, the lighter and more transparent it will be.

Consider concentration when choosing a fragrance

Eau de Cologne ( EdC ) - non-committal fragrances

Cologne is the least concentrated perfume product, in which the content of fragrant components is at least 5%. Today, EdC is inferior to other types of perfumes only in durability, but for warm and hot weather, this is the best option.

History of Eau de Cologne goes back to 1709 - it was at this time that he appeared in Cologne. The progenitor of the cologne is considered to be "Cologne water", which was created by Johann Maria Farina. His descendants continue the business, so the fragrance can be found today. It is released under the name Farina 1709 Original Eau de cologne . Do you remember our Triple Cologne? So it was named because of the three citrus notes on which its composition is built. We can say that this is a Russian reference to the classic cologne. By the way, "Triple" is also produced by many manufacturers.

Over the years, cologne has undergone significant changes. Modern colognes are very different from Cologne Water. Today manufacturers offer their vision of Eau de cologne . Perhaps the most famous niche brands working in this direction are Jo Malone and Acqua . di Parma .

Jo Malone - colognes for every taste

We invite you to get acquainted with the products of the Acqua brand. di Parma on our YouTube channel.

Unique, fresh, one of a kind

Among the luxury segment, there is also a choice. What is the legendary Guerlain worth Imperiale and traditional cologne in exclusive Eau de Cologne Les Exclusifs de Chanel. Be sure to pay attention to the collection of Hermes The Colognes and Thierry Mugler Mugler cologne .

Fragrances Eau de Toilette ( EdT ) - the best for everyday wear

Eau de Toilette is nothing more than toilet water. From French, the phrase literally translates as “water for washing”, “water for care”. It is believed that Napoleon invented toilet water when he was in exile on the island of St. Helena. He ran out of his favorite cologne and created a scented bergamot e-liquid.

The hallmark of EdT is its low concentration, typically 5 to 15%. As a rule, toilet water is an airy, unsharp, easily revealed aroma. However, compositions based on bright diffuse components can be perceived as very intense. Gucci Rush (1999), a chypre- fruity eau de toilette, falls into this category – a bright, loud, sexy, sometimes assertive and daring fragrance that needs to be handled in moderation.

For lovers of extremely juicy peaches and white flowers

Eau de toilette stays on the skin for 2 to 4 hours, it needs to be renewed during the day. For the same reason, she will not get bored. Such fragrances are often chosen for every day and in the warm season.

Eau de Parfum ( EdP ) - golden mean

The concentration of aromatic substances in Eau de Parfum is 10-20% and this is perhaps the most popular production format. Sometimes this concentration is also called Parfum de Toilette , which translates as "toilet perfume". EdP fragrances are persistent and intense. Perfume, like toilet water, is suitable for everyday wear. It is felt on the skin most of the day, and if you stick to the dosage, it will not bother others.

It is in the format of eau de parfum that many hits of recent years have been released: Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree , Guerlain Mon Guerlain , Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540, Paco Rabanne Olympea , Attar Collection Azora , Lancome Idole and many more.

Eau de Parfum YSL Black Opium Illicit Green - a loud premiere in 2022

Brands often release the same fragrance in EdP and EdT , respectively, the smell may also differ. For example, My Burberry - PV and TV smell differently.

Fragrances _ de Parfum - extreme durability

extrait de Parfum (perfume, pure perfume, perfume, perfume extract or simply extract) is the most expensive perfume product with a high percentage of concentration. The amount of aromatic substances ranges from 20 to 40%. Perhaps the most famous perfumes of the past are Chanel No. 5 and Miss Dior Parfum .

Perfumes are distinguished by exceptional durability and density - they last for a long time and open gradually, they have a thick aroma. It happens that one drop applied to the wrist is felt for a whole day. They are best worn in cool weather, as the intense aroma can cause headaches in hot weather. The price of perfumes tends to be higher than other concentrations of fragrances due to the high content of fragrances. The cost is also affected by the volume of the bottle and, of course, the reputation and popularity of the brand.

Extrait concentration fragrances in their collection . Budget perfume options are produced by Nouvelle brands Etoile , Dilis , Pani Walewska , Byc Moze .

Charming plexus of lily of the valley, rose and jasmine

If you want to dive headfirst into Extrait de Parfum , feel the full value of fragrant substances and appreciate the complexity of the formula, the best option would be perfumes from niche brands Amouage , Tiziana Terenzi , Nasomatto , Maison Francis Kurkdjian , V Canto and others.