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Napkins Green Fiber Greenway: composition, description, use

In this article, you will find answers to the most popular questions.

Whose production?
Country of origin - Japan.

How can Japanese Greenway Fibers help me?
Help you get rid of toxic household detergents and cleaning products and start a chemical-free life.

How Green Fiber works?

The secret of effectiveness is the unique composition of Greenway wipes. Aquamagic ultra-thin dissected microfiber is made from threads with a diameter of less than 10 microns, which is thinner than a human hair!

What is the principle of operation of Greenway wipes? Due to the dissection, a capillary effect is formed between the fibers of the fiber: moisture, grease, soot and dirt are drawn into the rag according to the pump principle. Efficiency analysis showed that

Aquamagic microfiber absorbs moisture many times more efficiently than ordinary cloths. Having understood the principle of action, each housewife will understand why Greenway napkins are her best housewives.

Ordinary villi smear and push dirt and moisture
The dissected villi let dirt into the moisture inside themselves and do not allow them to leave.

How to use AQUA magic Green Fiber

The use of greenway wipes is the widest: they will help you both preserve and increase the beauty and youth of your body, and clean up the whole house. It is not difficult to use napkins correctly, the main thing is not to forget about the correct way to clean the product from dirt. We will talk about this below.

How to use wipes other than cleaning and personal care? We are glad to announce that in the range of the catalog there is a special set for motorists. Regular use of cloths to clean and polish the interior and bodywork will keep your car looking its best.

We figured out how to use the Aqua Magic napkin. Now about care.
How to care for Greenway wipes

How are products washed? Caring for a napkin is a simple process, but requires care. Wash the product by hand under running water with laundry soap. In case of strong and persistent contamination, care for napkins should be as follows: lather and dip in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. It is important not to exceed the indicated boiling time, otherwise the microfibers will stick together and lose their properties! Also, in no case should you use solvents, acetone, bleaches, conditioners and chlorine-containing products.
We found out how to wash Greenway napkins, but how to dry? Do not use hot batteries and drying in a centrifuge. Let the cloth dry at room temperature.

Greenway napkins - which one for what?

Three main categories of use:

- wipes, sponges and mittens for body and hair: exfoliate dead skin particles, remove make-up without a cosmetic product, a turban ensures quick drying of hair,
- napkins and mittens for cleaning: they will wash the glass without leaving scratches and streaks, absorb stubborn grease and dirt from kitchen surfaces, collect dust in the apartment,
- set for the car: with the help of special wipes and towels you can clean all kinds of surfaces. Glasses, mirrors, interior and body of the car will simply shine.

Napkins analogues Greenway

Perhaps you are looking for analogues of Greenway on Aliexpress and are you wondering if one rag is worth that kind of money? We understand your doubts, but let's not forget the long-familiar truth: "the miser pays twice." In mass markets you can find similar products. But it will be made, most likely, from a different fiber. For example, viscose or cotton. Such products will leave streaks and will not wash grease from dishes. Another factor is the long service life of Greenway products, which cannot be said about goods from the store closest to the house. If an analogue of napkins existed, would thousands of housewives buy unique Greenway  Green Fiber?