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After registration, you will have access to many bonuses. For example PERSONAL and GIFT bonuses.



Partners whose personal purchases have eclipsed 50 PV are rewarded with a Personal Bonus of 40 % of personal sales volume in excess of 50 PV for the accounting period.

You can use this bonus to purchase products or return to your account.



Additional encouragement for Partners who make extra personal volumes:
200-499 PV - 20%, 500+ PV - 40%
If you make less 200PV - you get LOYALTY BONUS

The bonus is credited to the gift account and used to get your favorite products for free.



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The company will pay you a MENTOR BONUS, etc. for purchases you refer.

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1. Request an invitation to Greenway Global by filling out this simple form

2. We will contact you and send a link to the registration form on the official website of the company. We will answer all questions.

3. After going through it, fill in the name, date of birth, etc. (Based on your year of birth, the system calculates how old you are.)

4. Verify phone number

5. Complete the registration by confirming the data and agreeing to the data processing policy

6. You will receive an SMS from company with your personal login and partner password. If the message did not arrive even after a while - five to ten minutes, check your email . The username and password are also copied to the email.

That's it, you are a new Greenway Global partner , welcome!

Come in and get started:

How to become a buyer

How to register on as a buyer

1. Independently go to the buyer registration page using this link

2. Fill in the data (name, date of birth, email , etc.), confirm the phone number - you will receive the first SMS from Greenway

3. Finish registration by confirming the agreement with the company

4. You will receive a new SMS with your login and password for the client's personal account

That's it, you are in Greenway Global, congratulations!

Follow the link and order what you want from the catalog (the main page of the our store ):

PS Important - specify the date of birth correctly. In the event of a forgotten password, the system will help you recover it, but before that it will ask for this data to make sure that it is you.


We have collected the main questions

What is a co-applicant

Co-applicant (from English co-applicant ) is your close relative (for example, spouse, spouse or adult child), with whom you will work together under a partnership agreement. Like a partner partner.

He has the same rights by agreement as you. You can make payments to him from the account of earned funds, if it is more convenient (for example, he already has self-employment or an individual entrepreneur).

a co-applicant later, but for this you will need a notarized application. Therefore, if necessary, it is better to indicate the co-applicant immediately when registering as a Greenway partner .

Sometimes a partner in partnership work is also erroneously called a " co-applicant ".

Doesn't accept email address

email address is not accepted . When registering as a Greenway partner or client , the site writes:

"Invalid email format"

If they write to you about an error in the address, check if everything is entered correctly. The address should not contain spaces, capital letters (enter in small letters, this also works), dots in the first part of the address (before the @ sign).

After the @ sign, in the name of the mail service, a dot, on the contrary, is required. For example,

Greenway hotline number

If you have any problem, you can contact Greenway Customer and Partner Support.

How to write to the support service?

You can write to the support service from your personal office (personal account) on the Greenway website .

Follow the link and log in (this is an "old" site, it's easier to find the "Mail" section on it). The first time the system will let you into your personal account, but on its public page. Click on the same link again and this time you will find yourself in the writing section of the letter in Greenway .

Compose your appeal, select the appeal group and send.

There is also a support chat at the bottom of each page of the new personal account. Often this is the fastest way to get help, the answer will be given in just a couple of minutes.

How to register in your city

Greenway company was founded in Novosibirsk and operates all over the world. Offices ( Greenway Markets) are open in hundreds of cities in dozens of countries. We have already given a list of open countries above. Delivery is made to almost all cities and towns of the world. There are no problems with obtaining products and doing business in any locality of these countries.

But to choose the one to whom to ask for a partner in the team, according to territorial affiliation, is not very true. And now we will explain why.

It often happens that a person is looking for a way to get to a mentor in his city. Actually, it doesn't matter. Work in network marketing today is conducted through the Internet. You can live in any city.

It doesn't matter what city you are in - Russian or Belarusian, you are in Europe or America. When choosing a person, it is important what experience, skills and tools he has, and not where he lives. You can ask a person from your city, and in two months he will take it and abandon everything. Choose wisely!

Ask how long he has been in business, how many partners he has in the group, what achievements he already has, whether he conducts training and consulting ..

Join us wherever you live!