The company constantly improves working conditions for partners and the quality of customer service.

The desire for continuous development is the key to the stable development of the network.

We are at the very beginning of the journey and great discoveries are ahead of us!



A career at Greenway Global depends on the turnover and the configuration of the partner network.

This section describes the stages of development of the company's partner and the conditions for obtaining the maximum amount of payments and bonuses.



The company pays partners about 65% of cash turnover.

About 55% of this volume is spent on payments to partners up to L qualification, and 45% - to the top leaders of the company, who creates big teams.
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Ask yourself a question - do you want to improve your life, fill it with bright events and important things?

Are you ready to learn, dream, be in charge of your life and not give up?

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Basic terms and concepts necessary to understand the Greenway Global marketing plan.

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Greenway account

After registration, when you have already received an SMS with your personal login and password from your personal account , go to it.

Personal Area

At the moment, two company sites are available, "old" and "new". Both support different languages and allow you to work and shop around the world. Choose the one that suits you best:

Follow the link, log in and you will be taken to the main page of your personal account.

On both sites , the interface is available not only in Russian, but also in English and other languages. In addition to the online office, there is also an online store with a range of Greenway products and a News section with all promotions and interesting events.

Promo "Quick activation"

During the first three days from the moment you became a partner of the company, you have the opportunity to collect 420 gift rubles for an order worth 50 points. You can learn more about quick activation and other promos from a mentor or on the company's website.


First of all, you need to go through the beginner's route in the partner's office on the site - a training series of mini-lessons from Greenway Global.

To do this, you need to download the Skill app. Cap to your smartphone from the link page (only available to registered partners; to open this article, you need to be logged in on the site).

To log in:

1. Click "Enter by company code"

2. Enter the code 2022

3. Fill in the login and password fields. You need to specify the same data as for entering your own GW partner account .

In the learning app, watch a simple, affordable mini-course that gives you an idea of how the Greenway network business works . Short interesting videos, photos and texts clearly explain the material. The advanced part of business training will become available after the activation of the agreement.

Always remember that there is a mentor next to you who will help make your start in business successful. He will teach you how to invite friends to your client chat and business, teach marketing and the basics of business and sales (how to present and recommend), use your personal account, catalog, online store, and so on. You can always ask him to tell you more about the work and the issue of interest, learn about the unique properties of the products, help to do something with you. Comment on your ideas and plans based on your experience. Don't miss out on these opportunities!

The main thing - you need to set yourself a goal to start earning, and stand your ground. Learn, act step by step. Set a goal, convince yourself that you can achieve everything. Set aside time, even a couple of hours a day from home to start. And the result will be achieved, will not go anywhere!

How long will it take for the money to go to Greenway ? The first amount of 100-300 euro can be received in the first month. It may take a year or even a couple of years in this business to achieve higher incomes of 2500 euro per month. Big money in Greenway is obtained by building a large affiliate network. Get ready for the long game. Do not forget that you have a mentor - use this resource and opportunities!

Is it possible to buy a product without registration

The short answer is yes!

To purchase products on the official website without registration and work on business, just go to the main page of the company's online store using this link.

The algorithm for placing an order is simple: in the catalog, goods and means are conveniently grouped into sections in which you need to find everything you need.

For example, cleaning wipes - in the GreenFiber section , cleaning products - BioTrim , drinks - in Balancer and TeaVitall . Supplements, vitamins and health drinks - in the Welllab dietary supplements section .

Add items to your shopping cart, then click "Checkout" and follow the system prompts. You can choose both self-delivery from the sales office, and delivery of the order by transport companies.

Important: accessing the site eliminates the need to enter personal information each time, including the shipping address and billing information.

TIP: You can share this link on social networks and instant messengers to let your friends know about this wonderful product!

Registering with Greenway and getting a discount

A certain category of people register only to buy at a discount. However, there is no “registration discount” in the company.

Registered partners and customers receive refundable bonuses to their account in their account - (cashback) up to 40%, with which they can pay for products in full or in part.

Thus, you can get a discount of on any product from the catalog.

Product prices for registered

Prices for registered are the same as for everyone. The partner receives a personal cashback to the account and can use it to pay for the next orders in whole or in part instead of cash.

You can participate in regular promotions and sales. But when there are no such promotions, there is a single price for everyone - for partners, and for customers, and on the website, and in the office of the organization.

Greenway Global products is to register as a partner and accumulate return bonuses, cashback, which is credited to the account in your personal office.