We conduct thorough market research before launching new products.

It is important for us that Greenway products are not only in high demand, but also comply with the principles of environmental friendliness.

The company releases new products every month - it's incredibly cool!



The company undertakes all the tasks of certification, warehousing and delivery of goods.

We cooperate with leading delivery services and ship orders to almost any corner of the world.



Greenway Global is constantly developing its partner training system.
We use online platforms, as well as edicate in the offices and at company events.

Trainings from professionals, exchange of experience, advanced marketing solutions - everything is available for Greenway partners.



Greenway partners with the support of the company have opened more than 500 showrooms and offices.
Here partners can pick up products, work, meet with the team, clients and candidates.

If there is no Greenway office in your city - be the first to do it!



Greenway Global is investing heavily to keep online tools up to date.

Multilingual online stores, a convenient application for shopping and work, learning platforms, analytics and tracking dashboards, a referral system, etc.

Turn on and use the most of it!



Product and business presentations are held weekly in the Greenway offices - an excellent school for newcomers and clients.

Every month, the company holds large offline events (Grand Marathon, etc.), where Greenway top leaders upgrade teams, entire cities and countries!

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Cold contacts for success

What is this. This is an invitation to business people you do not know, which begins with an attempt to enter into direct contact with them. Often they mean personal communication, but this can also include a phone call.

Minuses. Perhaps this is the most stressful recruiting option. There is a huge chance of getting rejected many times. For a beginner, this can undermine and reduce optimism. Pluses. This is the most manageable and, in fact, the most predictable method. If we discard the emotional factor, then cold contacts are very easy to use. You just enter into a conversation with a person and analyze his reaction. In order to find the required number of partners, you just need to enter into a conversation a certain number of times. Some networkers and sales managers call this "working out the statistics."

Another advantage of cold contacts is the communication skill acquired in connection with them, which the MLM leader cannot do without. If you can't communicate with strangers, then you won't learn until you start. No wonder cold contacts are often called personal growth training.

What exactly to do- Set a day. Set a goal to get a certain number of numbers. - On the specified day, dress neatly. Straighten your back and put on a smile
- Exhale, approach a stranger.
- Ask: “Hello, are you from [your city]? How long have you been living here? … I’m just looking for interesting people to invite to my project…” - Answer questions and objections. paint. - Calculate the conversion. That is, how many people agreed out of the total number.

Offer. Treat cold contacts as training and a way to quickly find your first partners. Your goal is not to recruit forever. Therefore, choose a period from 30 to 90 days, during which you will actively invite to the business. This is your fiery period. The rest of the time should be dedicated to sponsoring.

Social Media Recruiting

What is this. Invitation to business through social networks. To do this, you use the direct tools of these networks, or use your chips and developments.

Minuses. Social media rules encourage users to share information only with those who have expressed their consent. Everything else is considered spam and blocked in every possible way.

Pros. Unlimited geography. Previously, people moved to another city to expand their sphere of influence. Now it is enough to “move to the Internet”.

It is also worth noting the numerous tools that simplify the ways and quality of conveying information to other people.

How not to do it. No need to spam. Not only is it ineffective, this method will not teach your future partners anything. After all, what can you teach if you only know how to impose yourself on unwanted projects? And what contingent will be your partners?

No need to create fake pages.

No need to praise your company and its product.

What to do specifically - Create accounts in different social networks - Fill in the necessary information about yourself, upload an avatar, etc. - Publish useful content for your audience - Place a minimal emphasis on the company and product Advice

Explore social media topics. Use modern features: pinned posts, stories, cross-posting and more.