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According to statistics of the MLM business, about 20% of partners achieve good results, but 1-5% become top-leaders (L qualification and higher).

"If you are sure that you can, you are right;
if you think you can't, you're right too."
Henry Ford.

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Stage 2. Get to know each other better At this stage, the person goes deeper into the essence of your proposal. This will happen if he receives certain material from you, or meets you in the office, or on Skype.

We advise you not to load it with a large amount of material, it is still quite cold and closed.

What can be done In the autofunnel, you give him a series of articles, or rather short videos that answer the main questions. For example:

- Why are YOU in the project. Your results before and after.
- What specifically needs to be done. - The main objections and how YOU overcame them.

Advice. Do not send a candidate an hour and a half video. He is unlikely to look at it, and then he will avoid you. It’s better to cut the content into convenient videos and pass it to him in sequence.

In a personal conversation, you will invite to the office / Skype, chat and also briefly tell why YOU are in the project. Highlight the main benefits and invite to the presentation.

Stage 3. Presentation At this stage, we expect the candidate to become our partner. As a rule, the presentation takes place in the form of a webinar, or a meeting in the office. Here you will give answers to all questions and show a step-by-step algorithm of cooperation. It is not at all necessary that you register a partner in the business. We suggest looking at the purpose of the presentation a little wider.

Three objectives of the presentation: - Registration of a new partner. That goes without saying - Acquisition of new customers. They can buy your product. - Creation of observers. Remember that some of those who leave you will want to follow your growth. Use this fact as a return path and a reason to continue communicating and warming up your audience. After all, observers can recommend your project to others.

Stage 4. ReturnSome will leave the presentation. But they won't leave your funnel. Marketers have long considered that retaining customers is cheaper than finding new ones. Consider this fact.

How will you warm up the audience? Here are some ways: - Useful content. You continue to publish posts, videos and articles on your blog. - Invitations to events. From time to time you hold events to which you can invite old acquaintances. - Feedback. It is important to understand why they are still not with you. Adjust to the interests of your audience.

Key thought. What is described above is given as an example. There may be more or less steps. The main thing to remember is that before becoming a partner, a candidate goes through several stages of interaction. In fact, there are three tasks in the stage: - Engage - Retain - Move to the next stage

Plan each step based on this scheme. Advice. Calculate the conversion of each stage. That is, what percentage of those who got into it went to the next step. For accounting, you can use, for example, the Trello program. It clearly reflects each stage of cooperation and helps you remember to take the right step.

What to talk about?

It is worth talking, of course, about business. But it is not necessary to talk only about the advantages of the company and the product. The focus should be on the personal benefit that your future partner will receive. Conversation script. The logic of building communication is something like this:

- Find common ground. Initiate contact. Each time contact the person, remembering that before that he was preoccupied with his own thoughts. For example: “Tell me, are you from [your city]?”, “I saw you in a needlework group, are you also interested in this? »

- Get interested. With the help of a question or a suggestion, explain the purpose of the appeal, create interest. For example: “I'm just looking for interesting people to collaborate on one project. There are already some results. Wanted to share. You are interested?"

- Listen more. You need to understand the person, their needs and level of interest. Answer questions. Be prepared to answer his objections. How to respond to objections, we wrote in detail here. Move on to the next step. Do not pour out all the information at once. For example: “Let's call on Skype, I will show you exactly how I make money in this project within half an hour”

Useful Tools

During the conversation, as well as in preparation for it, it is good to have useful resources to work with. Here are some of them.

- Conversation scripts - A lead magnet to which subscribers will come - A video chain with answers to basic questions - A set of articles and videos that have answers to basic questions - Social network pages with completed profiles and a wall - Personal website or blog - Chat , or a group in which they will give answers to questions - Big video - presentation of the project


Finally, let's say that recruiting is not so difficult. All you need is to define your core business, that is, your area of expertise and find a way to share your knowledge and experience.

Recruit yourself. Decide on your audience so as not to work with "foreign" people. Invite a sponsor first. Always consult with more successful people to understand what they are focusing on.

Prepare all scripts and handouts. Set a goal and set a deadline. Sequentially guide the candidate through all stages of recruiting. Analyze successes and failures in order to correct the work in the future.